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LONGKOU Glasnoodles Vermicelli 25x500g

Cook Asian in an authentic way and make no exception with the side dishes. Glass noodles are such a side dish, and that is a genuine Asian dish. The filigree, delicate noodles are in principle comparable to the noodles we know in this country. At the same time, however, it actually distinguishes everything from spaghetti, SpƤtzle and co. Because glass noodles do not consist of wheat and grain, but of starch. This means that glass noodles are virtually neutral in taste, but can take on the tastes of the dishes in which they are served. These can be soups, meat and fish or glass noodles can also be used as a filling for spring rolls. Almost any dish can adapt to the versatile glass noodles, and within a minute or two glass noodles can be ready to prepare. But that's not all: because they do not require fat, salt or protein, glass noodles are considered very healthy. You should also try them!